12 most common blade shapes

What is the best knife blade? Well, it depends on what situation you are using the knife for. There are tons of knife blades available, some are developed for specific cases, while others are for more general use. Keep reading to learn more. 


These 12 knife blade shapes are some of the most common:

  1. Drop Point
  2. Skinner
  3. Clip Point
  4. Spear Point
  5. Guthook
  6. Tanto
  7. Sheepsfoot
  8. Coping
  9. Straightback
  10. Serrated


Drop Point Blade:

Drop-point knife blades can be recognized by a convex curve where the blade meets the handle. This design feature provides greater strength and stability to the blade, making it less likely to break or chip. Drop point blades are also highly versatile, with many uses for this blade for tasks such as slicing, skinning, and carving. As a result, drop point blades are a popular choice for hunting and everyday carry knives. In addition to their strength and versatility, drop point blades are easy to sharpen, making them a low-maintenance option for knife enthusiasts.

Skinner blade:

A skinner knife has a curved blade, typically used for skinning animals. The knife edge is used for hunters to follow the contour of the animal’s body, making it easy to remove the skin in one piece. Skinner knives are also often used for fileting fish or slicing meat. The sharp, curved blade can make quick work of these tasks. For hunters and trappers, a skinner knife is an essential tool. But these versatile knives can also be used for many other purposes, from everyday kitchen tasks to outdoor adventures. So whether you are an avid outdoorsman or simply looking for a versatile knife for your home, a skinner knife is a great option.


Clip Point blade:

Clip point blades are another of the most popular blade shapes in use. The clip point is used on many pocket knives and fixed blades because it can have a sharp, yet offers a controllable point, is good for piercing, and offers plenty of cutting edge.


Spear point blade:

Spear point knife blades are recognized by their sharp, tapering point. Spear points were designed for puncturing and thrusting, making them ideal for close combat. Spear points are also popular among collectors and enthusiasts due to their distinctive shape. While spear points are not as common as other blade designs, they can be found on a variety of knives, from traditional daggers to modern tactical knives. Whether searching for a weapon or a conversation piece, a spearpoint knife is sure to turn heads.

Guthook blade:

A gut hook knife has a blade specifically designed for gutting fish and other small animals. The edge features a sharp, hook-shaped point that makes it easy to pierce through the tough skin and flesh of an animal. Gut hook knives are equipped with a serrated edge allowing you to saw through the tough gristle and bone of any animal. This type of blade is essential for any hunter or outdoorsman who regularly deals with gutting and cleaning game. Gut hook knives are also great for everyday tasks like cutting rope, opening boxes, and even slicing meat. Though gut hook knives are not as prevalent, they are still an essential tool for anyone who regularly works with the gutting and cleaning game.


Tanto blade:

The tanto knife is another versatile blade used for a variety of tasks. Its long, slender blade is perfect for slicing, while its sharp point is ideal for piercing. The tanto knife is also relatively lightweight and easy to carry, making it great for those who need a reliable blade. Thanks to its versatile design, the tanto knife has become very popular for everyday carry (EDC) and self-defense applications. Whether searching for a blade for your everyday carry or a reliable self-defense tool, the tanto knife is worth considering.

Sheepsfoot blade:

The Sheepsfoot knife blade is another versatile knife blade on the market. Its curvature and wide belly make it ideal for slicing and paring, while its straight edge is perfect for precision cuts. The sheepsfoot blade is also very easy to control, making it a great pick for novice and experienced users. In addition, the sheepsfoot knife blade is used by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and police officers for its ability to quickly and efficiently cut through seatbelts, clothes, and other materials. Whether looking for a versatile all-purpose blade or a precision cutting tool, the sheepsfoot knife blade is another popular option.

Coping blade:

A coping knife is a type of knife that is designed specifically for whittling and working in tight spots. It has a long, thin blade that is perfect for making precise cuts in wood or other materials. The edge is sharp on both sides, which makes it ideal for detailed designs. The handle of a coping knife is made from wood or plastic and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in hand. Coping knives are an essential tool for any woodworker or carpenter, used for a wide variety of tasks such as trimming moldings, cutting workpieces to size, or even carving intricate designs.



The simplest knife blade is the straight back. Featuring a rounded edge and straight back, blades like this are used for cooking purposes such as chopping and slicing. This blade can use greater pressure and a thicker handle to improve the handling and strength when being used.


Serrated blade:

A serrated knife blade can be a great addition to your kitchen cutlery. These blades have a serrated edge that can help you slice through tough foods like bread and meat. In addition, serrated blades tend to stay sharper for longer than straight-edged blades. Though, they can be challenging to sharpen. If you are looking for a serrated knife blade, choose one that is made of high-quality steel and has a comfortable grip. With proper care, your serrated knife can provide years of efficient cutting.

 Knife enthusiasts might be able to name more blade types, but for the average person. These are the 12 most common. No matter your need —camping, hunting, fishing, or just opening a letter— you can find a knife with your name on it. Look at our wide selection of knives and find the perfect one!