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Smith Co. Distributing – The Best Products, Margins, & Service Guaranteed

Smith Co. Distributing and our family of brands prides ourselves in ensuring an effortless ordering process, guaranteed peace of mind with your purchase decision, personable customer service, timely delivery, quick sell-through, high margins, and less than 1% rate of return.
Best Products:
Smith Co. Distributing is your #1 source for high-quality necessities and impulse merchandise.  We manufacture, import and distribute travel accessories, tech accessories, cell phone chargers, 3, 6 and 10-foot charging cables, bluetooth earphones, bluetooth speakers, stickers, socks, knives, sunglasses, metal signs and more.  Our ownership and management of our various manufacturing facilities allows us to ensure our strict quality standards are constantly adhered to in addition to allowing us to remain agile and quickly incorporate the latest advancements in technology into our products.
Best Margins:
Every product we manufacture typically has a 50% margin or higher for the retailer and thanks to our strict quality control standards, experiences less than a 1% rate of return.  These margins are thanks to our products high quality both in functionality and aesthetic design, but also our point of sale rack displays, be they durable metal pegboard, heavy duty metal spinners, or single or multi use cardboard pre pack shippers. These versatile displays and signage ensures our products are seen and therefore quickly purchased by the customer.
Best Service: 

Our global staff tirelessly works to ensure Smith Co. Distributing constantly delivers on our promise of supplying the best products, margins, and service.  Our warehouse and head office is strategically located in NorthWest Ohio and because of our location, we are able to ship packages to over 80% of the United States in 3 days or less.  When you call our offices, you will never be greeted by a machine.  Rather immediately greeted by our customer service specialist directing your call to the appropriate department.

Ready for something new?  Please contact us today,  we look forward to servicing and providing your business with both high quality and profitable products.

– The entire Smith Co. Distributing family