Top 3 Blazing Buddies Products 

Blazing Buddies brand transcends product categories as we recognized a void in the marijuana industry and filled that gap with our fun and exclusive artwork. Blazing Buddies has a combination of products that is, quite frankly, unmatched. Throughout 2022 we put together some of the top products we’re going to be offering, here are the top three products we’re proud to offer.


Blazing Buddies offers a wide variety of products, but one of the newest is our pocket knives. With a wide variety of art and knife styles, you can find something to fit your needs. These knives are offered with a variety of different blade types like full flat blade grinds, plain edges, drop points, and more. You can learn more about the different blade types here ____. These knives feature a spring assist so they’re fast and easy to use, and they’re made with a 420 stainless steel blade which reigns supreme in corrosion resistance and durability.


Bump the party up a notch with this custom sticker program! Whether you want to take the party memo with you out to drive or put them on your laptop and water bottle, we have 100 different designs for you to choose from. And don’t worry about the weather, these stickers are made of weather-resistant vinyl so no matter what mother nature throws your way, your design will stay intact!



One of our most popular products is our socks. Blazing Buddies continues the fun with our exclusive artwork for one-size-fits-most socks that are incredibly comfortable and durable. With a medium cushion and proprietary cotton blend, these aren’t your normal socks. These are sure to last for years through the washer as they feature woven artwork rather than sublimated art. 

Blazing Buddies offers a unique selection of products as we recognized a large void in the marijuana industry. Offering incredibly comfortable one-size-fits-most socks, vinyl decals for your car or laptop, and custom knives for EDC.